Our Moose hunts take place in Northern Alberta, during the rut. Tapawingo Lodge is located on Bistcho Lake, AB. With this location being 12 miles from the Northwest Territories and 20 miles from British Columbia border, they are still classified as Canadian Moose. Our camp is a fly in only area with our closest neighbors being approximately 70 miles away. We are still able to provide you all the pleasures of a civilized world, only more rustic. On the premises we have individual cabins for your group, hot showers, washing machine, generator that supplies lights to all cabins, WiFi etc. You will enjoy home cooked meals in a common meeting place.

Your hunt will consist of many different adventures, depending upon your wants and capability. We hunt the lake by boat, land by argo’s (track vehicles) and occasionally we also do spike camps.

After your game is successfully harvested, we strongly believe in a high quality of meat handling. Your guides are completely competent with this. With your help, your meat will be cut and wrapped at the lodge, frozen and ready for your departure.

We do whatever it takes to make your hunt a trip of a lifetime with memories to last you forever.