Alberta Overall Outfitting can offer an amazing wolf hunting experience. Situated in the very Northwest part of Alberta we hunt a very vast land mass. These scavengers have never seen man. We have a lodge situated on Bistcho Lake, AB., with comfortable all-season cabins, this allows for a unique remote hunt.

We hunt from stands, blinds, ATV’S, Skidoo’s etc. Whatever it takes.

This hunt is mainly over baits, but don’t rule out spot and stock.

The best time is in March. The days are longer and the weather is starting to warm up. You can still expect below freezing both day and night, but the daytime sun helps a lot.

Big Bear Outfitters also includes wolves with their bear hunts in May through early June.

Trophy Horn Outfitters includes wolves with mountain lion hunts in December through January.

Clothing for this hunt should include good mitts, boots, and head gear. Layering core clothing also helps immensely.

Hunting these predators helps to maintain a healthy wildlife population in the area.

During your trip you will also experience plenty of ice fishing. It’s a great way to spend your time while waiting for the wolves.